Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better – A solution to conflicting desires and limiting beliefs

Often times our subconscious beliefs are running the show.

This is not a problem as long as you are filling your subconscious with that which serves you.

This is why it is SO important to keep an:

  1. Optimistic point of view
  2. Amazing supportive people around you
  3. Your mind filled with the assumption that your wish is fulfilled

Simple, right?

It can be. Lately I’ve been curious as to why (and more importantly to change the occurrence), in life, some things change and some thing remain the same. It caused me to get real with myself about a few things. I would say this may be the hardest part — admitting to yourself that you may be the one standing in your own way.

Once you can do this, you are ready to shift within and stop placing the blame outside of you.

If you can have the courage to take complete responsibility for your life, you can create anything you want.

This post is a part II, to this post. Read it here to get the context in which I am coming from.

This week, this curiosity became a burning desire causing me to do some research. My research often includes being called to one of the papers, books, or articles in my library. Sometimes they call one at a time, and other times I have piles of books on the living room table. If you’ve ever been over, you may have seen the after effects of this (or even better the calling). It can get a little crazy up in here!

On Wednesday evening before rushing out to a class, I was called to open Neville Goddard’s book The Power of Awareness.

I opened to a chapter titled Acceptance and an all too familiar quote, by painter and poet William Blake.

“Man’s Perceptions are not bounded by organs of Perception: he perceives more than sense (though ever so acute) can discover.” ~ William Blake

The same quote opened this quest on Tuesday morning as I was called to a binder of scientific papers including The Energetic Heart: Bioelectromagnetic Interactions Within and Between People, a paper written by well-respected neuroscientist, Rollin McCraty, PhD.

Hmmm…this made me wonder even more about the correlation of these two bodies of work. I love IT when my different worlds harmoniously collide; the resounding chord of Truth runs even deeper. It’s like in your face!

In both discourses, yet in different ways, the authors are speaking to the power of assuming a certain feeling and embodying it long enough such that it fills your Being.

Neville Goddard speaks about it from the perspective of manifestation, having been a catalyst in healing the lives and in some cases bodies of hundreds (if not thousands).

Rollin McCraty speaks about it from the perspective of assuming a chosen feeling (anger, frustration, appreciation, love) so much, such that he can measure and visually see the shift in your physiological systems to one of coherence and order, measured primarily in the EEG and EKG.

Similarly in the Laws of Success chapter on Self-Confidence by Napoleon Hill, he speaks repetitively of autosuggestion as a tool to build self-confidence. A tool in which conflicting desires and subconscious thoughts can be shifted to that of “organized effort” which Napoleon Hill defines as power.

All three bodies of work from three largely varying perspective are in summary saying one thing —

You must master your thoughts, feelings, and emotions for optimal well-being, health, and success.

All three texts provide a solution in their own way. Please read each for further exploration.  

The principle of autosuggestion is the one I will highlight here. As I believe that it speaks to the other two as well. Same solution, different approaches. I’ve written about Neville Goddard’s approach here.

If there are conflicting desires, limiting subconscious thoughts or beliefs, that which you desire cannot be fully realized.

Autosuggestion was coined in the 1920’s by French psychologist, Émile Coue, in his seminal piece Self-Mastery through Conscious Autosuggestion. Considering the timing, I am sure Napoleon Hill’s work was influenced or at least clarified by the work of Émile Coue.

“Autosuggestion is an instrument that we possess at birth, and in this instrument, or rather in this force, resides a marvellous and incalculable power…”
Émile Coué

Autosuggestion is defined as an influencing of one’s own attitudes, behavior, or physical condition by mental processes other than conscious thought.

Coué proposed that “for autosuggestion to flow from the mind, one has to feed it first.”

In his clinic, this was done by repeating words and images as self-suggestion to the subconscious mind, thus conditioning the mind to that which you fill it. In fact, this is always being done, based on the music you listen to, what you watch on television, what you read, and who you spend your time talking to. 

The key here is to intentionally and consciously choose that which you fill your mind and make time for it everyday.

It works well right after mediation when the mind is in a calm relaxed state. Stare at your vision board, read affirmations, or even an affirmative letter or copy that you write or find. Whatever it is, I recommend being consistent in practice and that which you choose. The mind is trained through repetition.

When a student of life whether it be business, technology, the latest science discoveries, or spiritual living it’s hard to not at least take notice when you have a neuroscientist, meditation guru, psychologist, and success leadership expert all saying the same thing.

“Free your mind and the rest will follow.” ~ Denzil Foster, Thomas McElroy for En Vogue




Everything you want is at your finger tips…

Everything you want is at your finger tips, you just have to reach out and grab it.

What are you willing to do, to have what you want? 

Are you willing to say no to things that make you feel comfortable? Are you willing to stay a few extra hours to go the extra mile? Are you willing to wake up an hour earlier to create the space for yourself?

I often wonder about life and why some people have more of what they want, and why others go on for years and have the same results without any forward progress. I started to take note…in my own life and of those around me. It seemed to be about a willingness to do something different. A willingness to change. A willingness to be, do, and have more. Without that it’s merely a hope or a wish.

Hopes and wishes are great, but by there very nature they are outside of us.

Wishes are granted upon us. It’s not until you turn that wish into a desire, a burning desire, do things begin to shift. Sometimes it takes getting real uncomfortable, real fed up, and done with the way things are — for the fire within you to light that wish or hope into that of a burning desire.

With a burning desire all things are possible.

Notice how you relate to something you think would be cool to have, nice to have, or maybe it will make life easier. Versus how you relate to something you think you cannot be without. Love relationships are the best example of this. Think when there was a man or woman that you kind of liked, he was cool, she was fun to be around, nothing intense. Now, think of that one, that you could not resist! How did you engage with each?

The one you could not resist you probably went after with a valiant effort, dressed nicer, were more pleasing in personality, listened more — whatever you thought it would take to ‘win’ them over.

The same idea applies here. When you truly want something AND believe that you can have it…You go after it! I know this is true about you, that is why you’ve created the success you have.

“So what about in those areas, where I haven’t?”

Here’s my advice to you: Stop trying harder, being more patient, and ‘working’ on yourself.

Instead, Look at what is truly missing.

Where do you truly not desire that which you say you want? aka—Conflicting Desires?

Want a relationship but really don’t want to give up your freedom or make the time and effort required to build a relationship? That’s keeping you from having that relationship!

Where may you have an unconscious belief that you cannot have that which you truly want?

Want to create a career doing something you love yet think you can’t make money doing it? OR you want to send your kid to a certain private school yet can’t see a way to afford it?

Beyond these hidden desires, beliefs, and assumptions lies everything you’ve wanted. Are you willing to go there? Success is inevitable.

Seek and ye shall find.

 Picture Credit: One of my Fave Fashion/Lifestyle Blogs The Coveteur – The Coveteur Does Cabo

Feeling Alive

What does it take for you to feel alive? Do more of that!

I have a confession: I write everyday and I have to.

If I don’t a feeling of uneasiness, lack of freedom, an unmet desire lingers. As soon as I do as soon as I express, my heart smiles and joy floods my cells.

The Call

Do you have that thing for you? That one thing that you must do and if you go without it for too ling you begin to not feel completely yourself? Writing, making love, walking your dog, talking to your significant other, best friend, mother, taking long hot baths, traveling…what is it for you?

There are things in our lives which feed our souls. Read More

The Energetic Heart

The Energetic Heart

The Background
I reached back into a linen closet turned book study. An old binder housed scientific papers that I garnered along my journeys. These papers were quite significant to me. They held wisdom and information that my heart sung and my mind dreamed of. They were vague ideas at the time – the heart and mind are intrinsically interconnected in creating our environment, internal work can be done to offset the potentially negative impact of our environment.

When I initially entered graduate school at UC Berkeley in Electrical Engineering; I was driven, motivated, and pulled by the desire to understand environments and our ability to learn. Specifically, how students from homes with chaos and negativity could enter a school setting and be able to focus and learn as effectively as that of a child with a loving stable home. For some reason, maybe from personal experience, I intrinsically knew how chaos at home created chaos in the mind.

I learned in my personal studies since high school how students from certain socioeconomic backgrounds performed disadvantageously lower on certain educational metrics. When reading the literature, there were and are a number of attributing factors to this case. What always stood out to me Read More

Make Time For Yourself

Make Time For Yourself

The first step in increasing your creativity, energy, and productivity is to make time for yourself to Center.

Very often we have so much going on, so much that we can lose center. In the world we live in it takes a commitment and a conscious effort to stay centered. The primary practice is how we begin our day. A meditation or centering practice is an amazing ritual to begin to create more peace and joy throughout your entire day.  

It is should be a non-negotiable, even if you begin with 5 minutes in the morning. You can begin with 5 minutes a day and add 5 more each week or as you feel comfortable. The goal would be to get to doing at least 30 minutes in the morning and the evening.

I don’t have time for that! You may exclaim. This practice will actually create way more time in your day then it takes. Here’s How. Read More

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