Go with the flow

Going with the flow often seems and feels like an esoteric thing. It may seem haphazard, like not having a plan, or even irresponsible. Actually it’s the opposite.  It’s setting an intention and allowing your higher self and intuition to guide you. It’s something that takes focus, awareness, and faith.

It is not just leaving it to chance or whim, or dismissing your responsibilities because it “feels right”. 

Going with the flow, implies a flow has been created. Flow is created with purpose and intention — with clarity and purpose you can step into and go with the flow. 

Without you are just floating and not leveraging the power of who you are.


Focus in this case speaks to the control and mastery of your mind. Being able to choose your thoughts, how you spend you mental energy, and even discipline on how you spend your time is focus. With focus you can create anything you want.  

Inside of focus a definite purpose propels you. Having an intention and purpose for everything you do, allows your effort to be organized; creating power. Intention is not controlling. Intention is trusting, intention is allowing, intention is releasing. With intention grounded inside a clarity of purpose miracles occur. 


Awareness is your anchor, which is why I speak of meditation and mindfulness so often. Awareness allows the gift of self-knowledge and self-mastery. In navigating the terrain of today’s world, whether it be in business, dating, or family life, it can be challenging at times. Things won’t go “our way”, emotional triggers may be pushed, we may hit up against walls that have previously had us blocked. Awareness is the compass amongst this terrain. 

It allows you to navigate who you choose to be amongst the terrain of life. Life doesn’t have you, you have it. Tough conversations, roadblocks, and disappointments become roadways to more love, joy, and freedom. 


Because with awareness you choose your response, and you also learn to allow the stagnant energy, triggered by life’s mishaps, to be released unleashing another level of yourself


Faith is your shelter. With faith you can weather any storm. It’s the boat you ride in when you are going with the flow. Faith carries you in each moment, faith grows the seed of intention, and faith locks the love of peace and knowing in your mind, body, and soul. 

Gratitude is your avenue to faith. Be thankful, be grateful, and you will experience all the love and support that is around you. 

So, yes go with the flow. Allow Faith to carry you, allow Awareness to anchor you, and allow your Focused Vision to pull you. Now, that’s flow. 

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